Former EverQuest Producer Snapped Up for WOW Classic

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On WOW Classic hunters I usually agree but I really do believe there are a few exceptions in which things are best or most acceptable on classic gold wow hunters versus anybody else. I feel like polearms are practically only useful on WOW Classic hunters for example. On alliance unwanted pretty much no one besides a hunter should want bone slicing hatchet, which also happens to be among their realistic BiS choices. I would assert barbarous sword is in a similar position, though that's soloable. Additionally, I can not imagine who could actually use warmonger. Some swords and daggers open up, although for horde side due to axes I am not sure what the best hunter choices are there.

Nobody else needs bone slicing hatchet. Rogues might need Fang, but most do not. Fury warriors need warblade longer if they aren't orc or human and do not possess Edgemasters, but there's no guarantee. Hunter weapons are pretty damn easy to acquire at the phase. But it's not like it matters what a hunter gets slots anyhow. The dps difference between having ok weapons for a Hunter and getting BiS weapons is minimal. It vanity than anything.

Anyone who considers Dal Rends to be BiS on a hunter needs to reconsider. The difference between that and BSHx2 is tiny, and no set in their right mind if going to let a hunter roster if a rogue or warrior requirements. WOW Classic hunters should be able to roll any weapon that melee dps do not want, and nothing which melee dps do need. However, guilds ought to have an alt policy so that, once you're playing with an alt, you do not get to roll that any principal wants. That is the only way to keep things honest.

Former EverQuest Producer Snapped Up for WOW Classic

I am not reading into this too much, probs a hiring decision by Blizz but since cheap classic wow gold is a theme for gaming news they need a story out of it. Doubt you hire somebody for a reasonable salary to just get people to write about it after. I really don't think that's what he said, more-so blizzard hired her and gambling outlets will attempt to sensationalize the hire for clicks.


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