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Call us by are real title in 2K. Make my livelihood more livable more Legends, to cheap nba 2k20 mt coins lifetime more narrative landscapes coming in and out NBA 2K21. For instance like The Last Dance. More cut scenes between players throughout NBA 2K21. Whether it be teammates or opponents, even yelling to referees. Let us use timeouts and fouls to add some realism into NBA 2K21. Some driving around thoughts and also a home instead of a courtroom u have a home men and women are able to come to ur home.

2K should let you maintain your My Career participant that way you don't have to start over. Allow you keep Your Own NBA Players resume Championship rings finals losses MVPs years you have been at the NBA times you've been around a Team NBA player's get better over. Your man ought to get better give a MY Career Preseason to let us get our man better more Badges alter his Total Throughout the to us. Our MyPlayers ought to have a family (wife, kids) just as real NBA players perform. This way whenever they aren't playing games, then they could go places. Additionally, more hairstyles, beards and tattoos must be added. The tattoos should be available to any level player.

It'd be cool to include harms whenever someone overly or will get hit hard. This would make it fun to prevent unstoppable shooters. Injuries should take away out of their abilities. It'll be nice that you have two things: VC(virtual money ) and SC(salary cap) that you can purchase a great deal of interesting stuff, clothes, shoes, cars, houses, penthouses, apartments, mansions,etc.. In MYCAREER let's have the experience to be a real NBA player. Create NBA 2K21s where you are able to go anywhere you want. Like driving into the arena, to the endorsement firm's, drive into the stadium, with your family, etc..

Put and reveal lines such as a lot more things, loui, valenciaga, Versace and gucci and even cool that you can go shopping or hangout with teammates your friends or loved ones. Make the olympics and the staff USA journey. Go to the NFL, football, etc to watch celebrity athletes play and yet another thing is you can even hang out and build more chemistry together to be about one of their commercials. You can even go international, together with your family or friends if you by a jet or decide to fly publicly with security guards.

Have a marketing team to build your own sock clothes and reveal line on your career. Which whatever shoe business you sign, you can even talk to them about publishing colorways with your signature shoe. Make the MYCAREER story expandable like go faculty, through HS, the combine and if you do not get drafted go abroad. You can even construct your own house and size do not matter and you can place anything you want such as anterior, basketball court, movie room, gym, etc.. You may even go to the NBA Awards along with your family including wife, son/daughter, long time friends and buy nba 2k20 mt etc..

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