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, August 8,2020 - Film ve Animasyon

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If your criticism is based on"PC does not have exactly the exact same content Xbox does! Do not support this!", then you deserve every piece of meseta pso2"fuck you" headed your way. If it's based on"All these are issues we should not have experienced!", then it is fine and I agree with you. This specific post receives a mix of both. Their rationale behind not including PC in the beta was since"PC was already good on JP, therefore it needs to be OK in America, it doesnt require a beta exam". That was bullshit. As is evident PC Needed a beta just as bad. Envision by fixing them their errors, if Tweaker didnt save their PC launch. Over 50% of the PC community would be fighting.

PSO2 is ALREADY dying from the initial launch wave because people deemed PSO2 unworthy of the battle necessary to PLAY it. They fucked up, they uttered a stage in their Beta that did not deserve to be excluded, place out content which will never return in (All the scratches won't ever repeat, no scrape has replicated on JP EVER), also gave all of the Xbox beta testers exclusive stuff that PC players just cant ever get today. They'll fail, and it's all to the errors on them. Most of us PC players have gone back to JP, and I won't encourage the NA launch any further.

I'll be honest, I am rather worried that they are only milking NA players prior to closing PSO2 down, similarly to how gachPSO2s introduced to the west becoming treated (Star Ocean Anamnesis, Mobius Final Fantasy, Brave Frontier, etc). Minimum height restrictions exist for players but not auxilleries that was demonstrated to NOT be an ESRB thing, said by ESRB themselves! We are missing AC voice tickets which exist in JP's Miku and Konosuba scratch tickets so I do not doubt that we'll be missing many, many more at this rate. The star gem focus in NA is so predatory that it feels like I am playing PSO2 published by Nexon (why remove SG from casino?).

The simple fact that fresh finds shop rotates daily and doesn't exist in JP feels genuine scummy. And of course GMs either giving clear lies (minimum height ESRB for example) or not being given information to relay back to us for months (still awaiting a response about voice tickets and STILL waiting that height survey ) makes this feel like SEGA actually did not think in NA's launch and is just trying to fund their next sonic endeavor. Our brand new finds is similar to treasure shop in Japan but you're also able to get some items with meseta and I'm pretty sure they were tradable. But there's also more methods to get stargems besides being forced to produce alts and purchasing costumes to wear.

Why height is a big thing, I really don't see? I mean about the PSO2 forums, the problem has been discussed cause people are weird and want to make lolis which is disturbing. Sega would need to probably renegotiate and request rights to utilize NA then search for voice actors to dub it for the NA market. PSO2 are a 3rd firm named EstSoft. They are just there to attempt to appease us. They don't have really any relevant information outside of cheap PSO2 Meseta what Sega informs them hence the deleted tweet assuring PC stuff.

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