How can the Syracuse Orange alumni stack up against the field

How can the Syracuse Orange alumni stack up against the field

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Syracuse Football: Orange alumni ratings in Madden NFL 21

Somehow, the calendar has turned to August in 2020, which means Madden season is upon us for all you video game lovers out there. The game does not officially release until August 25, but EA has announced most of the player ratings for the game. How can the Syracuse Orange alumni stack up against the field? Here are their rankings.

Keep in mind that NFL teams remain in the process of trimming rosters. That means Madden have not always given evaluations to every participant that's currently signed to a company. Notably Cody Conway, Kendall Coleman, Amba Etta-Tawo and Trishton Jackson don't have a released Madden evaluation yet despite being using a team. Evan Adams and Sean Riley were recently cut too and they do not have Madden ratings.

It has been no question that Jones was the strongest Orange alumni of recent occasions. He was rated 15th on the NFL's top 100 players record and is the second-highest rated Arizona Cardinal on the roster based on Madden. Jones only sits behind the 98 evaluation of newcomer DeAndre Hopkins.

Aaron Donald has a new Superstar X-Factor capability in'Madden NFL 21'

Aaron Donald has been one of the most consistently prominent players from the NFL for the last few years, which will be represented in his Madden ratings. He is in the 99 Club for the fourth season in a row, making a 99 overall score again in"Madden NFL 21." As one of the best players in the sport, Donald also has a Superstar X-Factor ability. Here is the second year of the feature in Madden, providing the cheap Madden 21 coins elite players special skills that are activated by documenting stats such as sacks, pass breakups and rushing yards.

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