People who have just become 2K players need to learn more about NBA 2K21 MyTeam

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, September 9,2020 - Bilim ve Teknoloji

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Since the first release of MyTeam, it has become one of the players' favorite 2K modes. But a cruel reality is that novice players may find it difficult to proceed when they first experience MyTeam. Although the entry threshold is too high, many players still insist on playing this mode and have invested a lot of NBA 2K21 MT to support their game activities to proceed steadily.

Anyway, for novice players, it is not friendly. In MyTeam, players can freely choose players and form a team to compete. According to the players’ economic strength, they can choose powerful legendary superstars or active players who show off their talents and have a variety of different modes. In addition, players can also use self-built teams to play challenges to get player card packs and 2K MT.

NBA 2K21 has two game modes, online and offline. There are three different gameplays in online mode and offline mode. Players in online mode can play the traditional 5v5 mode and 3V3 mode, which will eventually provide prizes as long as the players win. The offline game play is roughly the same as the online mode. The difference is that all players compete with humans and machines.

The key factor for success in MyTeam mode is that players must recommend a best team. They can achieve this goal. For example, they can Buy 2K MT and then buy player card packs. This method allows players to get some super player cards. The disadvantage is that players may consume more 2K MT. If players want a specific player, then it is better to go to the auction house because it can help them find the target player. It has released NBA 2K21 for almost a week. Many players are now using their upgraded self-built lineup to challenge the major new challenges. Come On!

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