Hopefully, one day soonwe can move on from this

Hopefully, one day soonwe can move on from this

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"Hopefully, one day soonwe can move on OSRS gold from this and enjoy RuneScape as it's meant to be." We're aware of reports that there are RuneScape players based in Venezuela who golden farm, an activity that is not exclusive to that nation.

"But, gold farming and real-world trading are contrary to the strict terms and conditions that all RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players must adhere to; these activities fuel black markets related to organised adulterous, the prohibited sale of virtual items, organized cyber efforts, and harm the health and economy of games adored and played by countless people around the world. We don't target Venezuelan RuneScape players for gold farming; we place significant effort into discovering and removing gold farmers for gold farming consistent with our Terms of Service, regardless of where they're in the world."The Way RuneScape is currently Assisting Venezuelans survive

Venezuela was one of the countries in South America, but it's spent the past ten years engulfed in a political and financial crisis. What started as the slow crumbling of the nation's economy in 2010 snowballed to a catastrophic avalanche of crime, corruption, and mass starvation, leaving huge numbers of people of the nation unable to feed themselves access basic health supplies. Ninety percent of Venezuelans are now living in poverty, and among the most intense and periods of hyperinflation means that individuals are earning the equivalent of $5 per month.

Against this cataclysmic economic and social backdrop, millions of people have fled the nation in search of better lives, with a lot more urgently attempting to find their own means of escape. In November 2019, the amount of refugees and migrants reached 3 million. Those who stay in the nation have been made to find methods to buy RuneScape gold survive. While some craft bags out of worthless bolivars -- Venezuelan currency -- to sell at markets, the others look to a virtual land of opportunity, spending hours in front of computer screens and mobile phones hunting green dragons in the online RuneScape participant role-playing game RuneScape.

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