I like that you ask other people for opinions and applaud your dedication

I like that you ask other people for opinions and applaud your dedication

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I like that you ask other people for opinions and OSRS gold applaud your dedication. Great don't hear the hater below and iniative. Your voice can be somewhat monotone, it is a whole lot better. I don't really like slideshows as a video. Sometimes the videos are just you reading the text onto the display (e.g. useful stuff when training skill X to 99). I am aware that it exists, can it be worth investing in as a very low level RuneScape player?) I'm still fighting to get a decent becoming into pvm guide. There's some things, but I find it quite difficult to figure out what to prioritize, which directors are good, the way to combat some supervisors, the way to use the pvm hub/max guild, etc..

Case in point: people say kril is simple. I'm fighting to remain more than 20 minutes? Why? What is the difference? It seems just like a lot of guides are aimed toward RuneScape players. I am just starting out and a lot of the manuals are clearly unusable for me. Maybe a show that focusses on bosses for level RuneScape players helps? I recall some people saying I ought to have the ability to kill krill prior to his prayer draining attack? How??? What order, what abilities, is the hub used by me? Adrenaline crystals? Other products? A good deal of manuals assume this is some type of common knowledge for pvmers, well guess since I don't have that history go deeper to the 37, what, I am watching your guides? It can be skipped by Knowledgeable people, but I just don't have any clue. Even a simple link to a basics of pvm manual would suffice for me.

This is not lots of YouTubers also concentrate on maxed RuneScape players. By way of instance, not a single bossing guide I saw mentioned the pvm hub. Sometimes it feels I am better than watching a YouTube guide off asking my clanmates. This could be because runescape updates and videos eventually become obsolete. It turns me off from rs guides on YouTube, although that is not your fault. Sorry for the massive wall of the rant-y nature along with text. I hope you can take something.

27m here, I used to be ADDICTED to Runescape about 15 years ago. I think I've sank hundreds if not thousands of hours into RuneScape. I recently stumbled upon the official old-school runescape site and it made me feel nostalgic. I am just wondering: are there currently two versions of Runescape? New older? Are both still being updated? There is RS3 and OSRS. OSRS is an upgraded version of RuneScape (beginning with the 2007-version) that doesn't incorporate the brand new combat system and images that came out with all the Evolution of Combat. It's nearer to Old School RS Gold the memories you have of Runescape. RS3 is your main game that has been continuously updated. Combat is more dynamic and graphics are higher quality. Compared to OSRS, RS3 combat is similar to World of Warcraft in that you use as you struggle.

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