It's too bad you had to spend even $5 on this mess

It's too bad you had to spend even $5 on this mess

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It's too bad you had to spend even $5 on this mess. Thank you for your review however. It's gonna be rough passing on Madden because it is one of my favourite times of Madden 21 coins the year, but this helps cement my decision to provide EA two wagging middle fingers this year. They push MUT so difficult to make money and that I swear they just get the couple people who spend stupid amount of money on it every year and think that it's a fantastic idea. It is so fucking sad to see what this game is haha. I had some fun with The Yard last night but meh. Goodjob on saving your cash.

As a casual its pretty gloomy, the game just doesnt feel right at all. Keep in mind like I said im a casual who was literally going to fork out the 60 dollars or so just so that I could play with the football game. Thank goodness to get that EA play item, saved me 55 dollars or so. . I dont believe I could ever get this game tbh unless they change a lot of things regarding it. Ill finish my 10 hour trail and call it a day. Just sucks because I was really sold on the match just for the pleasure of enjoying with a football game and they messed up. . I immediately regret my purchase. But its a presentation update with the lawn. This might be the smallest improvement ever, its almost definitely the same. My sentiments precisely, sir.

I have bought every Madden since 2003 on Day 1. Won't be buying 21. It feels awful, but that is a breaking point. I've never noticed a Madden at which there was not a single reason to be interested in buying it, before this one. Cancelled my own EA Access Too. I will support individual names when the studio deserves encouraging, hard pass giving EA a steady test ever again. I've owned every Madden because Sega Genesis times but I've regretted it for like the past decade, at least. I mostly played Draft mode this past year because it was the only way without the stupid skills. I'm 100% not buying this year. I am just so sick of this shit game. Who thinks we should boycott Madden so EA finally decides to put some effort into the match? I knew this review was legit when you gave presentation high remarks. That is best Madden has been in years.

Madden 21 is terrible even for a transition match between X1/PS4 into the Series X/PS5. The SB still has LIV graphics instead of LV. You have plenty of glitches. The commentary is recycled a long time. The new default control scheme is awful. Nobody should squander their $ on such a shitty merchandise. With how games images have improved it is amazing just how shit the sideline and audience still are. I have purchased madden every single year since 06' the day it is released. I only play with buy Mut 21 coins online versus mode. The gameplay has numerous flaws every year. . This is going to be the first year I do not purchase madden. . Type of sad honestly.

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