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To access the Saipark, you'll need to pay. This time it's 3,500 pansuns, which Temtem Pansun entry fee comes with an original package of five Saicards. You didn't think you'd have the ability to use Temcards in the playground? In case you need them, you are able to buy more Saicards, but the price will get more and more expensive for each pack. You'll be glad you've got extras when that shiny Oceara shakes off your capture attempt in a row.

The Saipark is situated in Deniz, only off the Prasine Coast in which your Temtem adventure began. You'll need the hook to enter the zone, which means you have to finish the narrative campaign (or at least as much of it because there's right now) to get into the Saipark. See what else is on how to our manual 2020's very best upcoming games.

With patch 0.5.12, Temtem currently has a brand new place specializing in capturing untamed Temtem. In-game, the Saipark is a natural reserve for migrating Temtem. For gamers, this can be weekly, late-game articles for finding high-level and Luma Temtem. Inside this guide, we will help you explain what you will find there and to find your path. You won't have the ability to complete this assignment until the island is inserted in a future update, so only advancement as far as possible.

Return to Deniz, As Soon as You get the Rock-Hopping Hook from Manki. Rock-hop across the gap, and also see the welcome desk. You are going to have to pay an entry fee that comes with five Saicards. Future entry fees of cheap Temtem Pansun will be determined by the rarity of the Temtem inside (see below). The entrance fee will be declared with all the weekly reset. Saicards are similar to TemCards, but they just work inside the Saipark. You need thembecause TemCards do not operate within the park. You will have to use a Saicard, to catch anything at the Saipark. Saicards expire with the reset on Mondays.

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