The only feature I want added to Madden 21 is that the ability to scold your own players

The only feature I want added to Madden 21 is that the ability to scold your own players

, March 3,2020 - Diğer

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I simply wanted to rant for a bit, life's hard and I thought I had a leak but in reality it hurt much more, you guys have helped me, but at least I will not be spending some money.We've all spent too much money on Mut 20 coins for sale MUT at one point or another. Get a job cover them back, $550 over the course of a couple weeks/months aint that bad in the grand scheme of all things. EA doesnt deserve your cash, work out how to really go no cash invested, you can earn 200-300k per week in this game milling matches and sniping.

You are fortunate. We all make mistakes. Additionally, learn from that because if you get old if you do something like it might mean going without food or other necessities in life. Learn and proceed.

It might be a lot worse. You'll find a job, help your loved ones. You have an chance to do the perfect thing and make things right. Do not be too hard on yourself.I know your article did not really bring it up but you need to inform your parents asap and get ahead of this if you were not already planning on doing that. Don't let them figure out by surprise.Your youthful you can surely make the cash back. I wouldn't spend anymore on the game because EA sucks eggs.

The only feature I want added to Madden 21 is that the ability to scold your own players. I have had it up to here with Theme Diamonds Brian Waters. If it had been an choice, I'd have him shot in front of his kids. Not coming across hard enough when he pulls, refusing to strike the crashing defender to seal the lane, allowing defenders by on alternative plays when I desperately need him to pick them up but they're in feature or something the game glitches outside and they just walk him outside.

It sucks because I know he's capable of more. Nonetheless, it feels like my offense will shit, it's his fault. I'd love nothing more than to get in there and just scream at this fucker for a few minutes. Tell him all the methods by which he's totally fucking up my offense, express my disappointment in his inability to perform fundamental tasks.I vow virtually every time that I make a mental note of cheap Madden 20 coins who I'm going to begin saving up to replace that they instantly begin enjoying better. Next three games Ed'd like 7 interceptions.

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