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A skilling outfit for Runescape Archaeology is intended RuneScape gold, which is obtainable via a new currency called Chronotes rather than the fragment system that was customary. The skilling pet for Runescape Archaeology will be Archie. Runescape players will do it in exactly the very same areas but there will be no competition for resources (as with Mining). There will also be a similar with a time limited boost to experience gains, to rockertunities.

To excavate in these areas, Runescape players will utilize a new tool called a mattock. Runescape players are going to be able since they gain levels to use mattocks; there will be a smithable mattock equal for each tier. There'll also be a dragon mattock and"special" mattocks, both the crystal and imcando mattocks along with the mattock of distance and time, obtainable through other means. The crystal mattock will need 4,000 dust that is harmonic to create. Special mattocks will be augmentable, and versions might be saved in the tool belt. One of the mattocks will probably be Runescape game's fourth largest hero item.

Runescape players will need to excavate nodes in order to get the materials to fix broken artefacts. There'll be materials like Zarosian sand, Saradomin sand, etc.. Sands are. At low degrees, Runescape players might want to keep the sands if they would like to advance faster in Runescape Archaeology. This will entail restoring. Materials in the gathering component of the ability will be asked to fix each artefact; Runescape players will be able to swap and exchange these materials with one another.

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Runescape players will be able to trade from the completed artefacts at the Varrock Dig Site for chronotes, a new reward money, or even to collectors like the Wise Old Man, Bentnoze, and Wartface. Runescape players can also trade in additional finished artefacts to the Museum Guard to get 60% quantity of chronotes gained by the artefact collectors. This is similar to Baby Shakes out of Runescape player-owned farm. With access to this Runescape Archaeology Guild Runescape gamers are going to be able to build a research group of personalities that will get the job done while the Runescape player is not online; work towards qualifications in Runescape Archaeology; and master all the dig sites, to solve a exceptional puzzle for every site.

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