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Amy Stephen
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MMOB2C is a professional game service website. Dungeon Fighter Online is also a very interesting game that is loved by many players, so we have prepared enough DFO Gold for players to help you experience the fun of the game. So, let ’s take a look at the best way to make money in the early game.

From last year ’s list of the top ten best-selling games, you wo n’t find a quality Western distribution. But you will find 9 free games, 6 of which are from Asian publishers.

Not surprisingly, the popular Fortnite led free game charges and earned $ 2.4 billion. But according to the latest report from video game research company SuperData, the second-ranked South Korean game is Dungeon Fighter Online, which earned $ 1.5 billion, more than FIFA '18 and Grand Theft Auto V combined.

Superdata analyst Carter Rogers said that these revenues are not from advertising. Instead, his team only recorded the number of players purchased for games or microtransactions. In most cases, in-game purchases are used to purchase cosmetics, such as new clothes, new equipment, or dance moves. Rogers said: When players spend a lot of time in the game, they want to invest to show off some kind of virtual fashion.

For the game market, as long as it is a high-quality game that can attract players, it will bring a lot of traffic and market. As a service website for players, MMOB2C will also provide a lot of gold coins for the most popular games. Buy DFO Gold on can not only experience a safe and fast delivery method but also have the opportunity to win a single free prize.

Most mobile gaming businesses have flowed to China's Tencent, which has become the world's largest gaming company. Dungeon Fighter Online is also about to become one of them it is already.

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