Madden NFL 20 Update 1.27 released, franchise and gameplay improvements

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, April 4,2020 - Canlı Stil

Amy Stephen
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With the help of Madden NFL 20 Update 1.27, developers have made various general stability improvements to the franchise model. They also fixed some important gameplay bug fixes to improve the game.

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Fixed an issue in Type I tight formations that allowed the offensive side to disrupt the defensive line by sending receivers and then flipping the game, resulting in exploitation. Fixed an issue where Dream Match m, backcourt mismatch, and backcourt master skills would mislead nearby defenders.

The issues we fixed specifically prevented the situation that double coverage was always calculated correctly, thus making these functions unbalanced. Previously, we updated the MUT salary cap cost for these features to 999 until we got a solution. Now that it has been fixed, the ceiling cost of each function will be restored to its original value. BIG thanks to the Madden community for pointing this out. The feedback we receive about these features allows us to quickly investigate and respond.

Madden NFL 20 is the 2019-2020 season delivery of the top football game. Includes the new QB1 mode, which invites players to create their college quarterbacks and make them the image of the entire NFL team. Madden NFL 20 also has a franchise, ultimate team and exhibition mode, and adds new friend mechanisms and new celebrations in its playability.

EA Tiburon's Madden NFL 20 has been on sale on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC since August 2, 2019. The MMOB2C website will also provide various services of Madden 20 Coins, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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