How to find and complete Runescape Easter Mission

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, April 4,2020 - Eğlence

Amy Stephen
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The 2020 OSRS Easter event has landed in Gielinor, and as usual, seasonal events have also attracted some limited edition items. However, to start the Old School Runescape Easter event, you need to know where to go, and then how to complete the task of obtaining rewards. Unfortunately, there is no point of contention, but you can get a lot of Easter-themed equipment. This is how to start and complete the OSRS Easter event this year.

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OSRS Easter Event Venue

The first is the starting point for the Easter event. If you have n’t seen countless town people yelling at the begging incident in East Falado, please let us guide you. Go to Farado (White Knight City west of Varrock, north of Salem Port), and then go to the northeast corner of the city wall, near the banquet hall.

Here, you will find The Disappointing Gelt, surrounded by a small group of rabbits. He stood by the fountain. Talking to him, he will explain how his magical misfortune created a portal for another realm. The Rabbit Kingdom.

OSRS Easter Activity Walkthrough

Now that you have entered Rabbit Realm, you will find it looks strange. This area is a scaled-down version of Lumbridge Castle and the surrounding buildings. Since all rabbits are jumping around, it is appropriately called Burbridge. Talk to the guard at the entrance and he will tell you to talk to Duke Rabbacio.

Duke Rabaccio will usually find the Duke's room in Lumbridge Castle. Climb a flight of stairs in a room. You learned that he worships magic eggs like all other rabbits, which caused this confusion. Enter the next room and talk to the paws, who will provide you with a plan to solve this chaos, and replace Duke's eggs with fake eggs. is a professional website that provides RS Gold trading services. Players choose us not only because its price is cheap, but more importantly, our service is very good, the security performance is very high, and the speed of sending goods is very fast!

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