555088-041 Air Jordan 1 High Obsidian Online Sale

555088-041 Air Jordan 1 High Obsidian Online Sale

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Air Jordan 1 high-top Obsidian's new black and blue toes, Air Jordan 1 High Obsidian with dark obsidian tones and campus blue with Air Jordan 1, the level of feeling is more abundant, while inheriting the refreshing temperament of UNC North Carolina dress. Made with smooth leather and a classic design similar to "black toes", these shoes must have a good popularity.

Jordans 2019 Shoes washed tannin AJ6 mid casual basketball shoes. The upper foot effect of these shoes is very good. The dark blue washed color is very consistent with the style of the season. The laces are decorated with brown leather. It is a bit Levi's jeans The label's temperament, detail design, and material presentation are all very elegant and are worth considering.

Jordan 2020 Release,The Jordan AJ6 manuscript off-white and red Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro carcass body design lines are very simple and bright, exquisite shape strengthens the package of the shoe body, the lower part of the shoe body continues the good performance of the separate Air Sole air cushion and crystal Translucent rubber outsole, two newly added square holes on the tongue, which is more conducive to adjusting the position and easy to put on and off like the heel tab of the rear spoiler of the sports car, and the prominent protrusion on the outside of the ankle, creating an avant-garde Fashionable visual impact.

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