Path of Exile will receive four new expansions this year

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, April 4,2020 - Gezi ve Etkinlikler

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The upcoming sequel will not slow down the original game's update in 2020.
Studio Grinding Gear Games has released news that although the sequel was announced last year, "Path of Exile" will continue to be enhanced in 2020. Although there is not much information at the moment, the new blog post guarantees that free ARPG will undergo four new expansions this year on the regular quarterly schedule. This is very worth looking forward to players, faced with the new extended version, you and your friends can Buy POE Currency to increase the gaming experience.
Interested players can follow the latest news of the three extended versions 3.11.0, 3.12.0 and 3.13.0.
As for "Path of Exile 2" (some people became the 4.0.0 update), I hope to get more information about this year. "Development on 4.0.0 is continuing and the team is working hard to deal with what is not shown in the ExileCon Act One demo. We hope that next time we will show significant new content and features may be this year. Maybe around E3 ? Once we have a clear plan, we will inform you. "Although the road to exile is seven years old, the new version is still looking forward to. If you like this game, you can follow IGGM. Here, you You can buy POE Currency, POE Orbs at the best price.

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