I always feel as though centres are fastest

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I can't be. Glass cleansing lockdown defender which NBA 2K MT also shoots better better than almost all of the sf and pf. 75 3pt and 17 badges is mad to me that's 3 archetypes in a single build and it destroys NBA 2K imo. Obviously being a large man you obtain high ratings in the close shot and standing dunk by default but the exact same should be said in regards to shooting as you're a big man, by default your shooting should be worse.

As long as u agree. Aside from that, very strong appearing build. Height/weight? I made because Dwight Howard is my favorite centre of all time, a Paint Beast center build. Such a shame having to go against Steph Curry in the rec. I hope in 2K21 when you've got a top 3 pt, your rebounding goes down, and you only have 3 gradual Jumpshot alternatives. Yeah if a centre has a high 3 they shouldn't be powerful in the paint, so it's dumb my construct can handle paint beasts once I made a finesse centre.

I didn't spend VC, made 1 build when this year began. I always feel as though centres are fastest to level up. I'd like to follow in your footsteps (currently running a rebounder/defender construct that has 20+ boards a game but struggles to put up more than 10 pts/game), got any hints? Depends if you made a center construct that can make open jumpers. For me personally, jump shot 29 with quick draw gold. Set screens and blot around range. When I can, float to corner 3s. Having all of the shooting badges is enormous for my own build. Since you're capable of rebounding, use the putback badge to find some simple points after offensive rebounds.

My advice for you is to turn off meter asap as meter lags hard in this 2K. I can't shoot no where close with it, with meter off. Additionally, unlock habit jumpshot creator. I feel just like some shot made in habit jumpshot founder with a high% green foundation will be wetter than any ordinary shot. But, utilize 38 and 98 until you obtain habit jumpshot creator. I only get so irritated I could become slightly early and slightly late each moment. But I'll try what you said and turn the meter off. Can you just go by feel then? How long does it take to get the custom jumper? It's tiring being a Scoring Machine which can not score lol.

I made it around a game after I started for my team to Buy MT 2K20. Yeah custom for me is crucial to be somewhat consistent. Utilize a high% green base and two distinct releases you like.now lets not get too ahead of ourselves and think about 12/25 a good match even after going crazy and moving 12/12, nobody on my team is still likely 0/13, Im not passing you the ball at the point. Additionally who df you play that allows you take 25 shots, and shoot under 50%.

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