You are correct that this wouldn't have been proposed in actual life

You are correct that this wouldn't have been proposed in actual life

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You are not thinking about it. You are correct that this wouldn't have been proposed in actual life. So you need to ask your self, why wouldn't this be suggested? It is Mut 21 coins a very simple answer. Because it would not be approved it would not be suggested. Therefor, it is correct to state that this would not be accepted in real life, hence why nobody in real life would propose it. Fact, it is white and black. There is no view included here other than my opinion that I think it's dumb for some people to believe that this is a problem Madden has, when it is clearly not.

No, you cannot say for certain that a NFL team would turn this trade on the grounds of saving a couple hundred thousand dollars down. Teams cover selections to move up 1 place ALL THE TIME. The trade itself is strange, it is who suggested it. It doesn't matter that it's a choice that is higher. The fact that the picks are so close is your issue. Propose a trade yourself, only offer the pick for the 29th. I wager the AI takes it. The purpose is, we're working in hypotheticals. My view is that this wasn't a consideration when EA tweaked the transaction logic and they would consider this broken.

It may not be the case, however it has only been the case every single time so far. So I'll take my chances. You're examples of when this could be approved are examples of instances where the other team would actually gain additional advantage. Teams paying additional picks to move up is a world difference because the other team is going to gain extra advantages. Moving up 4 spots at the first round is a world of difference between moving up one spot, but then why not go and prove your theory. Post a picture of a screenshot of that commerce proceeding through the AI. So really it looks like we're agreeing on many things here. I really don't see what the issue is with me not caring about something that makes Madden more realistic, whether it was supposed to.

There's a 0% chance this trade would be produced in real life just"because". If a team does not believe they can find the player they want the ONLY time this trade would ever be accepted will be. Why in the world would anybody pay more to the exact same result? What would you take? Choice A or option B? Option A costs tens of thousands of dollars, although they both give you the exact same solution. If you answer anything other then you have no clue what you are talking about.

But the cover difference from pick 28 to 29 is pretty negligible, and there's always the chance gets taken you pick ahead of them. Really don't know why you are so convinced about this; the reason this trade would never be proposed is much more likely because #28 would not have any reason to do it Buy Madden 21 coins than #29 not being willing to take it.At the end of the day it doesn't matter why it occurs because it's realistic, but I'd say that $600,000 is not a minimal volume.

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