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Human beings would be the greatest wild card In regards to a global pandemic. That makes wow gold challenging to build accurate mathematical models to predict the way the improvement of the disease will perform. Others cling to denial, and others are defying calls for"social distancing" by continuing to visit restaurants, bars, concerts, and so forth. Our epidemiological models are a bit better able to account for this unpredictability thanks in part to a digital outbreak in World of Warcraft nearly fifteen years ago, called the"Corrupted Blood incident."

The Corrupted Blood epidemic was not intentional. Back in 2005, Blizzard Entertainment introduced a new dungeon called Zul'Gurub to World of Warcraft for exceptionally advanced gamers, controlled by an"end boss" called Hakkar. Hakkar was a blood god known as the Soulflayer, who had, one of his arsenal of weapons, a"debuff" spell called"Corrupted Blood" Infected players would suffer harm at regular repeating intervals, draining off their"hit points" till their avatars burst in a cloud of blood. The remedy was to kill Hakkar.

Blizzard thought this would ensure the infection would not spread beyond that space. They had been wrong. And lower ranking players, together with fewer hit points, would"die" quickly upon exposure.

The biggest factor in the rapid spread of the disease was a glitch in the programming, such that non-playable creature companions also became infected. They have been carriers and ended up spreading the disease faster, although they didn't show signs. As Corrupted Blood diseases spread uncontrollably, game spaces became littered with virtual"corpses," and players began to panic. In the long run, at least three servers were affected, and Blizzard had to reboot the match to fix the problem.

An epidemiologist called Eric Lofgren, then at Tufts University, just happened to become an avid WoW player and was fascinated by the real-world parallels to the way the outbreak played out in the universe. He along with his Tufts colleague, Nina Fefferman, co-authored a 2007 paper published in Lancet Infectious Diseases examining the potential consequences of this Corrupted Blood incident for perfecting existing epidemiological models, because they would have the ability to draw hard data demonstrating to buy classic gold how players really responded during an outbreak.

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