Rocket League will feature content from Sunset Overdrive

Rocket League will feature content from Sunset Overdrive

In addition to cars inspired by Microsoft's Halo and Gears of War franchises, the upcoming Xbox One edition of soccer-with-cars game Rocket League will feature content from Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac Games creative director Marcus Smith announced today that this will include a Fizzie antenna and an Overcharge rocket boost inspired by the Xbox One exclusive."The Overcharge bubbles look and sound great," Smith said. "When the booster is activated, you can hear the firing mechanism from the Ahab gun in Sunset. It's so good! Hats off to our friends at Psyonix. They did a hell of a job."

Smith added that Sunset Overdrive and Rocket League are thematically similar."[Rocket League is] all about near-misses and sudden opportunities. In short, Rocket League would naturally fit with the world of Sunset Overdrive," he explained. "It would be a sport the denizens of Sunset City would eventually create for themselves (if they could only get those damn cars started!)."
You can click through the Rocket League Credits in the gallery above to get a closer look at Rocket League's Sunset Overdrive items.Rocket League is scheduled to launch in February for Xbox One, though a specific release date has not yet been announced. In addition to the release of the Xbox One edition, developer Psyonix has teased that it has "aggressive" DLC plans for the game in 2016, though we're still waiting to learn specifics.


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