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Oh, it's not arbitrary. EA has a fucked up patent on their online matchmaking algorithm. Here Mut 21 coins is the analysis on it. "The algorithm, named Engagement Optimized Matchmaking (EOMM), is designed as the name states for the sole intention of keeping you engaged in online games. The variables that enter this algorithm run the gambit in interaction, play fashion, sportsmanship, willingness to spend money, and skill.""...that the algorithm has been based on where they say they could"alter the objective function to other center game metrics of interest, such as play retention, time, or spending. EOMM enables one to quickly plug in different types of predictive models to achieve the optimization."

You think that it's bad now? Envision the dev support it would receive if it was not the money maker. We would be stuck playing a head trainer game from back in the afternoon. That could be a massive improvement in the franchise perspective. I believe a good deal of folks would prefer a franchise style that is great over anything. I would choose a 6/10 gameplay match to get a good franchise mode. You are naive if you think dividing Madden NFLs will enhance the base game in any way. Would they start caring?

I think the COD Warzone is. Make MUT free to play, you can buy a season pass so they can still get their cash. Afterward Madden base game is $60 but you purchase franchise that's more in depth, return create a team, and make Madden NFL more immersive for a career mode. Man I miss standing at the measures of canton, and when your parents decided that your Madden NFL player place.

Loved if they had them during off-season and you'd play with the drills to get attribute points for your Madden NFL players. My friends would play with franchise and that I could gold celebrity the CB drill every time and they would trade me a late or mid round pick to take action lol. You could get to add to attributed or something it was rampant! So fun, so much better than the bullshit advancement system. From playing great 8, and people got good. Nothing like eventually getting enough things to add electricity to your kicker (after getting best kicker award for a year or two years of winning and tons of created kicks) and you also get 1 consciousness lmao.

In a great deal of ways, I favor the drills which exist now. This video shows a drill where precision departure is crucial, but there is no defense. The drill does nothing to tell you which of those three routes are the best read on any given play. In fact, you can argue it reinforces particular cheesy elements by telling Madden NFL players a single route is easy and another is hard, so they will prevent the harder ones.The current training program, in contrast, informs Madden NFL players exactly what each kind of course is designed to perform, as it must become your read, along with other important info, then gives reps against defenses playing with a specific way. That is a great deal more valuable IMO.

It has been about 20 years since I attended a football clinic, but we had exercises vs. live drills and defense vs. partial defense and drills. no defense. If Madden included variations of all of that, with a focus on improving play recognition, educating on various offensive/defensive philosophies, and coaching Madden NFL player controller abilities, that would be perfect.

Wow I could actually tolerate the song in Madden NFL. The soundtrack for Madden 20...I don't even consider that shit music. Just a lot of dumb Gen Z's title dropping football shit beats to buy mut coins madden 21. I mean who actually gives a fuck about migos? Twelve year olds that is who... Really wish EA would recognize that not only 12 year-old fortnite buttholes play with Madden NFL. Give me GnR and some Ozzy. Allow me to hear you scream is, and always will be the Madden song. Since Madden 15 I've just been disabling EA Trax to prevent my ears. I'm a btw not a Boomer, I only have good taste. Unlike those after us and the rest of my generation. That's my rant thanks for listening fuck EA.

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