Didn't Kobe have a broken hand during those playoffs anyway

Didn't Kobe have a broken hand during those playoffs anyway

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2002 Game 7 @ Sacramento.2010 Game 7 vs. Boston. Didn't Kobe have a broken hand during those playoffs anyway? Apply that to MT 2K20 his attributes to up the difficulty. Hopefully they could get Sheed. A Kobe-TMac matchup will be fine. Back in 2006-07 Kobe scored 53 and TMac was under 30% shooting NBA 2K, although this was Rockets TMac once I believe Orlando TMac would be cooler. Was TMac that game guarded by Kobe? (likely, don't know who else could have) I'm imagining the first of several is the 2000 clincher? Since it was against Indiana and Reggie that one's unlikely probably isn't gonna be in.

Since I believe that came from the Sonics 12 three pointers could be useful. Any excuse to get them in there. Any notable games against Vancouver? We should have a match mode in the next game just like. We go throughout his career's best moments and I'll send you the project file, when it's completed we unlock a career style or somethingI'm suck at photoshop so it looks smooth, but someone please make this picture if you require it.

You mean Jordan challenges, but I get what you mean, that would be a ideal mode to grow 2K21 if kobe is on the cover, but I'd still want them to include creating a legend back to NBA 2K never knew why they removed it was my favourite 2K mode.I'd go full on with this mode also - after you are done with them you'll unlock a classic mycareer (I state classic cause you'd want it to resemble the one in 2K11) mode where you play as Kobe through a contemporary NBA career.

NBA 2K21 should be an edition based on Kobe

First of all sorry for my bad english, I'll do my best... Well, hello everyone, this is just something I thought that this day whilst playing after a lengthy time NBA 2K11, that together with NBA 2K12 I consider the best NBA 2K game ever made, and I played some of the challeges within this"Jordan Challenge" mod. To be able to clear them you have to achieve particular objectives which are in line with the famed game/series that each of them represents, by way of example the very first is that the 1986 63 points playoff game against Boston, where you have to score at least 63 points, create at least 6 assist and have at least a 55% FC with MJ (if I recall well), and for this one in particular you don't need to win, just clear these goals is sufficient (also Boston won the Buy NBA 2K20 MT actual game so that does make sense).

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