Jagex never should have polled frequently

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, December 12,2019 - Spor

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Fantastic post! I have had a lot of the constantly on my rs 3 gold mind but have been too lazy to articulate it. There are, of course, many things I disagree with or might tweak slightly.Do not merge SGS into the Oddments store. SGS is nice as it is and could be a wonderful spot after their promo is passed, to put older RunePass outfits. The Oddment store should have all the consumables that are TH-exclusive. Lamps/stars, feathers/springs, dummies, proteans, cores, rare tokens, etc.. It could offer time exclusives relating to the current RunePass promo, IE.

New abilities are blocked from MTX because individuals care about the few 200m runescape players. There is also a monthly/weekly hiscores list for runescape players who care beyond that; All that would need to be done would be to exclude any XP gained from lamps BXP or MTX related means. Then have the best 3 each month get some kind of icon? If that is still not good enough, there is still Ironman hiscores. This may never occur. If you're here to bargain with Jagex, understand that this could be way too big a loss (regardless of how"short term" it may be) to allow them to contemplate it. What should happen is a daring F2P expansion. Boost max P2P levels to 30, remodel the entirety of the outdated F2P regions, and generate a quest line that guides the runescape player through cities and to ~50 awards and skills an untradeable bond.

This cannot be fixed and expect people return and create half a dozen accounts. A lot of the effort placed into PvP material is butchered on discharge, or not really worth the risk for the reward of it. Altogether, dev time is generally not well recieved since it's time which could have been spent on all the updates. Maybe replacing item drops with coins would be a nice baby step into encouraging runescape players to devote time but there's a great deal of controversy over that too.

Honestly, Jagex never should have polled frequently upgrades are wanted by us. Runescape players feel entitled to things and constantly bring it up. One big update per month would be OK, considering the scope. Then the 3 months could be other updates like QoL along with repairs. It would also help to have an upgrade theme that RunePass could follow. Again, great post! You have made a lot of good to buy old school rs gold, acceptable points. I hope that is seen by Mod Warden and takes it. There are loads of people in this thread that are too adamant about"NO MTX" to realize it is too late for this struggle. Continuing to fight that battle is moot, but constructive suggestions is where our focus needs to be focused if we want change and a chance.

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