Using GIS Mapping in Students Learning – Information from the Experts

Using GIS Mapping in students learning – Information from the Experts

, June 6,2020 - Eğitim

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Humans have been utilising maps for centuries, drawing what we know of the world and constantly striving to fill it in with more and more detail. These technologies are offering best and unique techniques to students so that they get best option in future. Now, students get several options to complete the task with perfection so that they can invent different methods easily. To complete information about the topics through our writers in the form of Digital Mapping assignment writing help.

This ability to choose which aspects to focus on is arguably one of the main ways in which digital maps have changed how we view the world: they allow us to look past all the data that we deem to be irrelevant to us and focus only on what is relevant to our interests. On a practical level, this makes maps much more useful and easier to understand for the general consumer.

Teaching through GIS

Though the chances for projects using GIS are infinite, we picked to make projects that allowed students to map what they understood to picture them to history at the local, national, and even international levels. This mapping process helped bring the text to life for students and facilitated an understanding of current social issues. Our students did more than simply plot geographic points on the map; they created visual histories that can be accessed by future classes or embedded in social media platforms such as Facebook and learning management systems such as Canvas. To complete the writing task, you can take the benefits of our Digital Mapping writing services directly from our writers.

Over the years our students have been engaged in many digital mapping projects. These include mapping out the Trail of Death, which involved the systematic removal of the Potawatomi from northern Indiana to eastern Kansas by the federal government between September and November 1838; the life and presence of Abraham Lincoln in Indiana; the location of colonial cemeteries in the United States; the context of primary historical documents offered in a digital textbook; the plotting of all police-involved shootings in the United States in 2017; and the creation of a collector map to capture who and what we immortalize through statues and monuments regionally and beyond.

Benefits you can get from GIS teaching

We paint a rosy picture here of the benefits to students, professors, and the wider public when using GIS in teaching, but that outcome for us was the result of much trial, error, and frustration that was experienced by both professors and students in the beginning. Teaching through GIS is time and thought intensive and requires advance preparation to make projects meaningful. One positive is that any project is possible if one is creative enough. Turning an idea into reality does require technical skill in a desktop GIS program. This is why we have undertaken and advocate cross-disciplinary collaboration between professors in different fields, departments, or schools.

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