NBA 2K is indeed boring

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That's the rub you mix modes. In theory it's fine individuals may NBA 2K MT play the exact same participant in all stages but in practice the solo players normally need to deal with whatever is becoming driven by online play. Part of that also is powered by covetous VC clinic taking away a true offline career mode option with all the same narrative and features of the online one without breaking up VC. They had this in older 2K but in resent years that they nerfed the offline MyCareer to possess no narrative mode or some other use of custom rosters so they could find more VC earnings. Now this year they totally removed the offline MyCareer mode that was nerfed.

The basketball games have been better than Madden. It is the lack of basic features that disturbs me. It's 2020 and they do not have attributes in NBA 2K so fundamental that we didn't even bother to check into it. We can not even play MyTeam against every other.

I am believing that a comeback might be made by both the Street franchises. But because Ea under a name that is different has a copyright on the road name. A NFL road game seems to already be in the works as 2K made a bargain to get a non simulation soccer match. So it can not compete with madden and the only non realistic soccer game that is gonna sell is something. And if that happens and it sells it is merely a matter of time until someone does the same for a NBA street name.

Very poisonous connection, NBA 2K is indeed boring. Got next vs sr matchmaking is the worst idea I've ever seen. On top of this MyCareer has so much filler displays to slow down your grind to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins; makes me want live had a good match out.I really wish there was an choice to turn off all the filler. I hate that I need to sit mashing X through interviews, halftime cartoons, timeouts, and the introductions. I want to play with the game. Yeah am I the only one whose fucking referees stand at the baseline for 5 minutes, say one/two shots, wait another 2 minutes, then step forward and point in the player shooting, then step back and wait for another two seconds, and finally toss the ball into the shooter?

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