Animal Crossing Items senior sound designer Joseph

Animal Crossing Items senior sound designer Joseph

, June 6,2020 - Eğitim

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"A creature sound can come from anywhere, really," says Animal Crossing Items senior sound designer Joseph Clark. As game worlds grow in size and density, so do the number and variety of animals and monsters within them. We don't tend to stop and think about where the sounds for those animals come from, but their origins are even more varied. Sure, sometimes a digital bear is actually a bear, but sometimes a monster is also, secretly, a trash can.

"Friction is one of our best friends for sound design," Clark says. One of Clark's go-tos, when he's looking for a particularly hair-raising sound, is a rubber band scraped along a djembe drum. It makes a horrible screeching noise. On one particular occasion, one of his co-workers was dragging a trash can from their office to the hall and noticed that it made a "great purring, guttural sound."

In moments like that, Clark's ears perk up, and he knows it's time to grab the microphone.

We're taking a minute to stop and really listen to how animals sound in games, as told by the sound designers who give them voices. Designers from teams large and small talk about the challenges recording real animals, how to "fake" an animal with clever use of other objects, and why you definitely should not go around poking bears.

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