Also to note on centre scoring

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And finally the contested layups should go in, along with some NBA MT Coins of the very fact you would like intimidator removed is a hivemind complaint. First off individuals should try to avoid taking dumb ass layups with a major ass Center under the hoop. And I visit of smothering defense under the hoop that pop up as the layup and a 25% contest goes in a shit load. Also any slasher that understands their shit and can take good dunking angles or misuse that the baseline does not have any problems completing.

Center jumping, rebound and scoring animations need a great deal of work to. I am a red pie center but I've 16 finishing badges with 30 D badges. With all that finishing I have I still cannot finish at the rim for the life of me, not only can I do a layup in which my mind goes over the backboard when I could have easily dunked it, sometimes my character goes from the completely open side to the side where the defender is for no reason. Scoring in the paint is for some reason impossible sometimes.

And rebound, I am at becoming boards, a fairly good center and I box out my guys but somehow even when boxed out they can attain over me and grab the board easily. That should never occur. Along with the animation which I'm sure we've seen where the centre jumps up using 1 arm and twirls is obnoxious and needs to be removed. After I get that animation another group 99% will score since it completely takes me out of the drama.

Also to note on centre scoring, I visit a whole lot of centers locate the cheese move in which it's a 99% guaranteed foul where they pump imitation then slowly shoot and once I jump to block the pump imitation (me thinking he would actually shoot it) I only elbow him in the mind and it is a filthy 100% of the time. Until I figure out how the other man plays then I can prevent it, this happens usually.

I believe that the Rep system and points got needs to be reworked. I dont care nor am I telling people which style to choose, but 2k has alienated the rest of the modes besides Park because of 3 Elites/ legends teaming up and strictly playing 3v3 (2v2) Park rather than the other modes out there. They dominate can go to court and make points then someone who plays a few dominate Rec games. I dont blame them as it's the best bang for some time however I really do believe this empowers people to run out of competition to Buy 2K MT as well.

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