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Drag out defenders in sideline grabs, body, A WR should secure short passes, jump for jump balls, dip for balls that are deep, and ruin a cornerback in run. A WR cannot do any of those things, so go with receivers for all 3 positions. The WRs include TotD Johnson, MF Evans, NFL and LTD 100 Moss, and Draft Moore.

Ends are similar to WRs, except they receiving and do more obstructing. They Madden 21 coins have fewer heavy paths and more short routes and obstructing plays, but run/pass clock, secure catches, win jump balls, and they must track down dangers. I would suggest you maximum either a TE or a WR since they can be used from the passing game and the game. A HB can not hit out runs or go on breakaways without receivers to block for him, a QB will not have the ability to succeed regardless of how the ball is put with no receiver together with the hands to grab it. Your initial receiver that is maxed is dependent upon the target to/blocks for one of the most throw.

A TE should secure moves, haul in sideline catches, body jump for jump balls, dip for balls, and destroy a cornerback in run. A small TE cannot do some of these items, so go with large TEs for the place (or two if you want to utilize a TE in the slot). The biggest TEs are both Movers Graham and LTD and Movers Gronkowski. The tiniest TEs are UF Sharpe and Draft Clark. (I am sorry for copy-and-pasting the TE section, I just couldn't consider anything else to say.)Madden Max Defensive Positional Guide

Please, please, do not post any more questions about who to max. Simply take the 10 seconds to scroll down to my own recommendations on which positions ask your question or just to max first.

About who to max, any specific questions ought to go to this post from today on. I'd make sure your question is answered! I am not a master at this, so any kind of comments would cheap Mut 21 coins be much appreciated. Again, since I'm not a master of this I will not be going in-depth over who exactly you need to max, u/GoodLookinBrad includes a guide here, u/sman8175 includes a guide here, and there is many more posts out there which is going to tell you who to max better than I can.

My greatest and first recommendation would be to get exactly what you want. Everyone has the very same stats height and weight don't make much difference. Get Draft Donald if you are a Rams fan. Get his Honors card if you prefer Nick Bosa. It means everybody should be the same and one if stats are equalized across the board. Sorry for the long post. A bit rambled too much. You're welcome just browse my priorities list and to jump to the bottom of the post. That said, let's get right to it!

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