Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update is Worth Looking Forward to All Players.

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, July 7,2020 - Evcil Hayvanlar

Ellenpi Ctach
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New Horizons’ first free summer update will add a wetsuit, where you can put on your wetsuit to dive in the ocean and capture new marine life. "Animal Crossing": New Horizons' first summer free content update will arrive on July 3. The update will not only bring back another returning character, Pascal, but will also introduce the swimming function, and Nintendo has also revealed more information about how it works. You can get all Animal Crossing: New Horizons news on our website, and you also can buy Animal Crossing Bells in ACBellsBuy at a low price.

Just like in Animal Crossing: New Leaves, you need to wear a wetsuit to swim in New Horizons. After the summer update, you will find wetsuits and other tools for sale in Nook's Cranny. After purchase, just wear it and you can swim in the ocean on the island.

While you are swimming, you can also dive underwater and catch newly added marine life like starfish and garden eels, which you can then donate to Blathers for display in the museum. If you find scallops while diving, the above Pascal will pop up and you can trade it to him to get a new mermaid DIY recipe (and the wisdom of the otter).

New Horizons' second summer free update will be released in August this year. Nintendo has not disclosed what the update will include, but the graphics released with the announcement include fireworks. Fans who have long traversed animals will remember that in previous games, there was a firework show every Sunday night in August, so it seems that the firework show will also be reborn.

At the same time, players in the northern hemisphere can still find summer shells, which are a limited time seasonal material that can be used to make summer-themed DIY recipes. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can also request exclusive free carpets for Animal Crossing. To give back to every player's favorite, you can now Buy ACNH Items in our store and sell it at a discounted price to help you decorate your island.

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