Smithing Iron Platebodies For Coins

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, July 7,2020 - Doğal

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Thanks! That is a pretty good argument for a Smithing rework, and a good description of how it could do the job and possibly feel. I think we are agreed about the matter of"oldschool-ness" That is basically how I see it, new stuff can feel oldschool. I think there is desire for basic skill reworks. A basic rework such as altering the numbers around level / source requirements to make iconic things will probably never"feel " to lots of RuneScape players, even if it's inkeeping with the oldschool style. Just as it's such a radical change to aspects of OSRS gold which have been unchanged for nearly 20 years.

I want abilities to be helpful. I like the rework RS3 did but I do not believe the mechanisms require just a rebalancing of levels, a rework. I adore the idea of lowering everything till Rune is flat 75 with you end game things being 80+ to your boots and Dragon repairs. I think about 80 you need more to create that's not even weapons or Armour. Buffs you're able to create or something which would make smithing useful as end game herblore. Herblore is the ability for being helpful and relevant.

I've thought about reworking Smithing before OSRS was published, but there is a really reasonable argument to be made that it would totally change a part of the original game in this significant way that RuneScape might not feel like an oldschool variant anymore. Whenever I think of just how cool it would be to make Smithing a usable ability, I immediately recall being like 12 years old, smithing iron platebodies for coins and the way that nostalgia will be gone. Unfortunately the ability is so old, so ingrained into the first version of RuneScape, that changing it goes against the idea of OSRS. It makes total sense but it must be reworked COMPLETELY. It would really be disturbing to leave because it is smithing and present a new skill to match smithing but even skills get shut down. People don't wish to change RuneScape.

It don't think that it has to be changed. Smithing shouldn't ever be a primary way to begin getting gear for buy old school rs gold players. Rare item drops or the struggle to generate money to purchase good gear makes it more intriguing (can be rune or lower items for reduced levels).As to why it is not necessarily unimmersive/unrealistic... Contemplate them hard to create things with poorer material. Dragon stuff requiring smithing level than rune may be explained by the fact you are only combining parts. From a chainbody, which can craft platebody is made like dragon. They items devised by the dragonkin or some thing, according to game lore. Orikalkum can not be worked by any smith that is human. The RuneScape participant is adding some extra metal from a shard and a lump.

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