2020 Latest Basketball Shoes Are Recommended Of Nike Jordan

2020 Latest Basketball Shoes Are Recommended Of Nike Jordan

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Jordan Shoes Sale UK First place: AJ32 basketball shoes. Recommended reason: AJ32 can be said to be the top match in actual basketball shoes, whether it is the design of the shape or the choice of material, it is able to stand the test. The support effect of the upper is very good, and it is also excellent in terms of wrapping and comfort. The ZOOM AIR air cushion combined with the arch flight SPEEd technology also enhances the flexibility and comfort of the shoe.
Air Max 270 Second place: Harden 2 basketball shoes. Recommended reason: Harden 2 is his second pair of signature sneakers. Compared with the first generation, it has changed a lot in terms of appearance and shoe material. Harden 2 added a tup support plate below the middle and bottom layers, which not only ensures comfort, but also enhances the balance and stability during exercise.
Yeezy 350 For Sale Third place: soldier 12 basketball shoes. Recommended reason: The Soldier Warrior series has always been one of James's royal boots, especially during the playoffs. This soldier 12 also has a very good reputation in actual combat shoes. The comfort of the shoes is very high. The forefoot adopts a fan-shaped ZooM air cushion, and the hind palm is a horseshoe-shaped ZooMAR air cushion.
2020 Air Force 1 Fourth place: KD11. Recommended reason: KD11 is a sneaker launched by NIKE for Durant during the finals after joining the Warriors. Compared with the previous style, it has changed a lot. Although the material of the upper is the same, the air cushion and cushioning material in the sole have been greatly improved, and the medium and low soft elasticity is particularly good.

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