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, July 7,2020 - Eğlence

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RuneScape gold already using crafting for casting necklaces and rings is a counterargument, however I feel like those are so small and delicate it's not quite as extreme and foundry-y as using giant crucibles to throw statue parts and weld them together.See thats the thing: I believe we ought to just disrupt the present system. Create Rune smithed at level 60, add 3-4 new ores between 70-90, rescale exp rates, alter alch worth, etc. etc.. I have no doubt that the JMODS can get it done correctly. Disrupt it by creating barrows useless because most of the RuneScape playerbase remains just wearing armour 3 steps up from rune?

RS3 was worked for by the rework since they are fucking ahead in terms of armour tiers. Blast furnace gold bars as well as the fact OSRS is hard stuck tier 70 means a smithing rework will and shouldn't ever happen. Jagex let smithing turn into fire making by allowing the exp rates escape hand so now nothing worthwhile can be inserted to smithing top end since you can get 99 in a week. How would it create barrows worthless? I do agree that the fix tier 70/75 is pointless. We've got enough weapons to stratify up to tier 90 weapons which would not even make a difference in nearly all cases (very few people are using a twisted bow using 75-89 range).

Tier 70 armour would hit worth immediately. Thats how it would make barrows useless. Smithing will not be option for meta armour because exp prices are broken, and OSRS will not vote for skilling requirements on meta armour/weapons which is the one thing which will prevent them from hitting alch worth immediately. Let it hit alch value, there is a pretty major jump between rune and dragon in terms of defenses, so just make those armors marginally better than rune but worse than dragon and it'll be a nice landing stage.

Alternately, take the old school runescape gold path and make the stuff hard to acquire/unreadable (comparable to crystal shards). I am not planning to take the opportunity to fully flesh out a smithing rework at a Reddit remark for 6 upvotes. They had been reworking the whole process, so that they could have just greatly reduced the opportunity to make things so rather than 1000s of platebodies per hour, you can make like just one or two dozen. That saidI doubt that would be possible at OSRS since such a huge rework into the ability's process wouldn't really match RuneScape, but would shifting alch costs and rebalancing 100s of drop tables.

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