I would like to see crafting used collectively with smithing

I would like to see crafting used collectively with smithing

, July 7,2020 - Diğer

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Well, they did mention improving the new RuneScape player experience lately, and I definitely think a smithing rework goes hand-in-hand with this. Place yourself in the shoes of a brand new RuneScape participant interested in utilizing the smithing skill to RS gold make his equipment. Sure he might be able to do so before adamantite but then, he's essentially looking to spend 40-60m to earn T40 armor. I feel like this just sends a message into new RuneScape players that particular skills just don't have meaningful progression, sometimes you just do them so that you don't need to anymore.

I would really like to see it revived, but is it done? More importanly how do you create it pass? You can shift runite (way/slightly) down and reintroduce current armour into their proper, now vacant, levels. Update like this gives you oportunity to do gear rebalance that is minor. Publish new tier that comes out of skilling that competes with BIS lost gear. Allow it to be untradeable master-smithed tier (and I mean made from various sorts of resources), so it is pain in the ass to get and will not be botted which would tank prices. A minigame, something such as a skilling raid where you need to use multiple skills in non combat manner. I would like to see crafting used collectively with smithing. Perhaps even a crafting/smithing channel in your own house (some tiers private only). It does not seem OSRS like and could not pass, but maybe some tiny bits of it might.

Some things in OSRS aren't logical. I'm fine with that though. People today disagree over what"oldschool" means to them, but I would argue it is not that controversial to say that completely reworking existing skills is unquestionably"not oldschool". Smithing is like any production skill, you need to grind it out by creating many more things than you will probably ever use. You'll also typically want to use / buy items until they can be made by you yourself. (Herblore, fletching, even cooking. Accounts that are non-iron will buy range pots, msb shark long before they possess the production skill req to make their very own.

The people who want OSRS to stay old school are against most of those things so this is a lousy argument. Personally, I think pretty much everything you listed should be nerfed or removed except PvP worlds and possibly raids.That's great and all, but when all these things were to move away, do you believe that all the folks that OSRS has hauled would stay? Destiny 2 has a similar circumstance. When main weapon was forced, the PvP meta was balanced in its first year. Personally, I loved it due to how much more ability based it had been. Nevertheless, the overall community hated it. I accept that, it makes sense to me, I won't demand that RuneScape reverts back into this state because RuneScape dropped a whole lot of RuneScape players over it.

Do you really want your old game to revert back into a state that most does not like just because that's how your vocal minority wants it? Would you rather have a declining RuneScape player base and a game? RuneScape is school because of this. Without getting something more modern, because old school would have died out. I get that there is things about it that you don't like, but there's a give and take relationship to be had. Not a take. Sometimes you simply have to accept that you have to give something up in buy osrs gold paypal order to have a complete healthier game which could keep on existing.

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