Random events make runescape frightening again

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, August 8,2020 - Haberler & Politika

Xiamu Xiamu
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I can agree to you in ways. There are a number of matters RS3 has done good. It's a whole new game in a way. You might as well scrap any school memories you have if you play it. I didn't mind it found it how to make money on runescape old school somewhat enjoyable, but after some time I had folks expose me to how amazing osrs is and how the community is thriving I regretted not dropping RS3 a long time ago to play osrs.

That's all in memes and good fun, although the pendants got a lot bit ridiculous. I can not shit talk that sort of thing. It had been RuneScapeplay that did it in for me. Notably the creation skill and just how much it"added" yet took from RuneScape for me personally. It had been, could be Idk, a skill which you were severely gimped in all pvm aspects if you didn't instruct the fuck. The power creep of equipment got so bad that they tried to help mend it but actually it just made it worse. Which should have been evident in my mind.

It did make it easier since it generated metas that concentrate causing you to spend countless mills breaking gear down not to even be guaranteed parts to produce the incentives themselves. Invention is the ability in RS3's history, it is a product sink. Osrs. The one thing they are concerned about is a lot of powercreep at once (something which happened with the release of EOC with t90 firearms from chaotics to drygores and the like)。

While I understand they made random events easier just because they got better at detecting robots through other procedures, I would love to see the old arbitrary events and wish you can go into them. Nothing like coming back to a giant chicken which makes you his bitch and stepping out for 2min to use the bathroom. They didnt create random events ignorable due to bot detection methodes. They did since we fucking hated needing from the mime arbitrary every 15 mins. You think you want this, but trust me, you truly don't.

Random events certainly weren't every 15min and it was not always something like the mine event. Most arbitrary events inconvenienced you and they were put into RuneScape to get to pay to get quest done in osrs around bots which at the time were essentially only mouse recorders playing on repeat. But then I have only been playing so what do I understand. As robots only got more and more advanced that was a short term solution to immediately break the robots but might have been countered. Anti botting always basically kept up with all the bot makers.

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