I think we have to wait and see exactly what the market does

I think we have to wait and see exactly what the market does

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Sure in the endgame each boss is RS gold all about dps, however before endgame and while learning mechanisms at vorago a participant can be good in the boss and the mechanics prior to being a skilled dpser. Vorago is my favorite boss for the reasons above. Solak is a close second. They're similar in certain ways. I wish more supervisors were like these. I wish I could try them! My clan doesn't group pvm far and even though I have experience at other high end bosses I have difficulty finding bands. I think we have to wait and see exactly what the market does. I've heard folks stockpiled energies before the upgrade and chucked them all when they realised that they weren't utilized in such high proportions. This could cause an drop. Some people will use t92 increasing the net outgoings of energy than before. Second it was my understanding that tectonic was pricey due to vorago being a slow and tough boss not tectonic has worth therefore vorago is good cash.

A timelocked phase is a phase that is timelocked. This in itself is a significant flaw and allows you to literally afk p2 and p4 if you are not base or bomb. The fall process is also utterly horrendous and dated. Tect ens isn't a 100% fall per pile for starters. And unlike most other supervisors it discourages any function which is not base or bomb because of the way the fall system works. The boss overstays its welcome and takes way too long. I dont have an issue with time gates. Also drops were split by folks anyway, who cares whether the drop system is wack.

Time locks encourage nothing. You can literally only fletch for p2 or p4's entirety. Pets and droplog items are not although drops may be broken. At the very least there ought to be a participation drop added that is purely there for vit/bombi rolls, the same as all other group bosses (like how AoD has one). An 11 min boss is actually something. Yeah, that is certainly too long for anybody. By cutting the timelock you make the fight shorter allowing greater kph, more rolls at uniques, and more tect ens each hour, which is great because it's absurd how they are still like more than 1m ea.

Unsure how to quote shit on reddit however, regarding being able to fletch on p2,p4: If you dont enjoy leechps-ing then perform a job, can not call a boss shit should you refuse to do the roles that interact with the mechanisms. If you want drop pet or log then you have to get piles. This makes p4 and p2 far more interactive (from the perspective) as your purpose is to do the most damage out of the team. Its not just 3-4 minutes of activity. If you are doing a job or desire a heap then you'll do some thing the whole battle. When I was at like 1.5k kc I had 7800 energies on log or something and no vit. I was perfectly fine with this. Vit has been the boss pet in RuneScape.

Also participation rolls? There are already learning the boss sniping vits off of bombs, and you see so many sub 500kc vits working around. There does not need to be a participation roll. When learners get their pile they become excited when they hear they did well? Should they get its' shit drops you are giving me this for sucking? Nice. 'If that you don't have any one to teach/ allow you do a roll: I have a main and an ironman, I teach people vorago to the top of my skill starting with the basics, I have a fantastic set of friends which make learning rago a non toxic environment and so are always searching for more individuals. If you would like to buy osrs gold paypal go, DM me on reddit.

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