I'm a bank sitter

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Tanks ranged DPS LoS or hunter deadzone. You can place the mobs where you want Just like I purchase it. Try to maintain them at a place your DPS can hit them? As a hunter, I feel like deadzone is a hunter issue. Casters and everyone can be in the face of enemies and be just fine, assuming things and no massive enemy cleave. I feel like I am conditioned to get a sense for shifting to be from deadzone, or if it's dangerous and claustrophobic melee as it is better than NOTHING. Literally one is the orc knockback halls in upper spire.

I don't care when Mages do it if they've Imp Blizzard and normally the harm from a Blizzard is not poor enough to pull danger, but I fucking hate classic wow gold seekers who Multishot when I am 2 GCDs (Thunderclap + Demo Shout) into a bunch tug. Especially when they await the mob to get because it means more work to reposition, before FDing. I've basically stopped bringing WOW Classic hunters because they're more trouble than they are worth 90 percent of the time. Where this is the case ive bailed on my share of classes. WOW Classic hunters or earth shocking before my 2nd auto attack swing does my mind in. Peace hearth.

This item is used by you. The chat box. You may communicate through it. That is your fault. The healer is doing exactly what they do. They see health that is low, they cure. It is instinctual. What an idiotic thing to say. As a priest It pisses me off when warlocks do not tap enough or hellfire. After recovery the Warlock I am able to drink during the pull. The biggest way healers can influence the rate and efficiency of a series is by allowing the DPSers play at a risky manner, while not requiring committed mana breaks.

This dumbass NA gamerdad reddit meme should die, good healers can stay informed about rambo tanks and tapping warlocks, this was accurate in leveling greens, and especially today. Dear Warlocks, please perform with your potential, it's the job as the support to accommodate the pace of tanks dps. If you can see that they are not able to keep up, or worse, reveal themselves as noobies by blaming you for life tapping, then you can chill, just know if the healer is not maintaining they're usually the ones misplaying.

I'm a bank sitter. The hateful glares the peasant folk provide when they are walking by below is exactly what fuels me. You understand there's perfection in picking the ideal gear out to impress. Should I put the timbermaw exalted trinket in my trinket slot? Or rather agm to frighten the pvp'ers, even more so because I do not pvp. The other trinket slot of cheap classic gold wow cause would be DFT, what else would royalty decorate themselves with? Who needs a BiS cloak once you can use an Epic raid item that just shines in white and gold luxury, yes I am speaking about you my beautiful Cloak of Shrouded Mists.

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