I played PSO2 a good deal about 2015

I played PSO2 a good deal about 2015 that was incident 3(I presume?) As well as the content is similar to PSO2 Meseta the content that PSO2 will start with in NA.

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I played PSO2 a good deal about 2015 that was incident 3(I presume?) As well as the content is similar to PSO2 Meseta the content that PSO2 will start with in NA. First off PSO2 throws a ton in you. It is very overwhelming but it's really not that much once you get to the center of it. When starting out but I'd recommend you look a beginners manual up. In spite of this said getting to the core gameplay is relatively fast to reach. PSO2 is extremely anime in it's art fashion. I know that back to a number of the older school Phantasy Star from the 90s they had a anime-ish art styles but PSO2 is about a whole another level of anime. The narrative in PSO2 is anime too. You may like but honestly it is pretty bad, if you like the standard high school play anime. Thankfully though the story is mostly optional. However, some decent things are locked behind narrative cut scenes.

The combat is more action focused than PSO1. I believe the combat is really good but it's not perfect. Some folks I know that tried it outside said the battle felt clunky. Which at times honestly it kinda does. It is rather hard to describe but it is not fluid. Perhaps it's because it's designed around game pads I am not sure. I would say the combat boils down to largely about pruning and positioning your attack for the circumstance. Getting in the ideal place can be hard and some classes like Gunner have a skill condition that is fairly large. As for it's content. The leveling stage is very easy like most MMOs nowadays. PSO2 is not hard at all until at least. Leveling with other people is faster with Advanced Quests that may be fun chasing those PSE Bursts. You can hit max level fast like in 15 hours should you have boosts up and possess an efficient leveling route.

There is some equipment progression and it's not just about fashion. I am not into glamour/fashion in games but I had a great deal of fun with PSO2 as a more hardcore participant. A gear progression is but it. There is very little content progression though. It is endgame content mostly comes from Urgent Quests at the difficulty. Urgent Quest are boss fights/dungeons that are multi-party. They are also so whenever you want you can not just spam it. The endgame Urgent Quest drops have drop chances that are pretty low but sometimes they also contained currency so you can eventually purchase. That means you are going to want to enter the endgame Urgent Quests that are present. Yes it's but what MMORPG/lobby game is not grindy grindy? It is about not or if you like the mill.

Playing stopped and uninstalled to ensure I didn't tempt myself. Main reason being is PSO2 is massively monetized, inventory, all of the 30 day tickets, mags, augments.etc. I remember paying a monthly subscription for a game and encouraging the programmers but PSO2 is greed. PSO2 would have been amazing when it was a monthly subscription with what able to be got in game and not by pouring money into scratch tickets or needing to cover other players inflated prices because they have a lot of extra money. I'm just glad I didn't get suckered into their greed machine.

Lots of different MMOs have tried and found they could not sustain a critical mass, and the marketplace in general has moved to anticipate F2P for a baseline (again, with a few special exceptions). Even subscription MMOs have a money shop for a few extra items/add-ons rather than everything being made 100% in-game, because even that market won't sustain a subscription price higher than that which WoW set well over a decade ago while development costs continue to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta rise.

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